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Preparation Checklist for Bed Bug Treatments

Please note: Bed bug treatments are not guaranteed. 


Vacuum any mattresses, box springs and bed frames using your vacuum attachments. Also vacuum carpets and furniture, concentrating on cracks and crevices that the bed bugs can hide in. You may also (using the crevice attachment) vacuum dressers, under chairs, desks and desk drawers, behind pictures and curtains. For vacuum cleaners with bags, after a thorough vacuuming, immediately discard the bag in the trash, tie it up and remove it from the home. For bag-less vacuums, empty the contents in the trash, tie it up and remove it from the home. You should rinse the container out with water. It is very important that the used vacuum bags or the contents of the bag-less container are disposed of according to the directions listed above.


Launder everything possible before the treatment. This would include but is not limited to blankets, curtains, clothing, bedding, stuffed animals or toys, etc. All material to be laundered should be placed in a plastic bag and sealed. The materials should be emptied out of the bag directly into the washer. Dispose of bag immediately. Wash all items in hot water. Dry all items with medium to high heat setting (20 minute minimum). Place clean items in a fresh plastic bag and seal. Check with the dry cleaner regarding any items that cannot be laundered.

Food Items

All food items should be either placed in the refrigerator, in a cupboard or in a sealed container (zip lock bag, plastic, glass or metal container). It’s important that food items are not left out during the treatment. 

Other Preparations

Furniture needs to be pulled away from the walls. Shelving and cabinets (to include bedside tables, desks, etc.) need to be emptied to allow treatment. Mattresses and box springs need to be stripped. The floors and perimeter areas of the unit need to be free from debris (i.e. piles of newspapers, magazines or any general clutter).

Please Note

There will be circumstances in which mattresses, box springs, and other pieces of furniture may need to be disposed of. We will specify if something is untreatable (urine-soaked mattresses, defecation on mattresses and box springs, etc.) The necessary actions will be discussed to remedy the situation. Once the specified item or situation is corrected, the treatments can be conducted. For locations under commercial management, we will report these situations to the property managers as they occur. Before residents or management throw anything away please consult with us regarding secure disposal measures.

We will treat any mattresses, box springs, bed frames and all other affected areas with pesticides labeled for the target pest and as appropriate.

All people and pets must stay out of the unit or home being treated for a period of four hours after the treatment is done.

Follow up treatments may be conducted after the initial treatment, based on
the predetermined scope of service. These preparations will need to be repeated for any follow up treatment conducted.

Chemical Sensitivity 

If the customer, tenants or other occupants of the structure(s), or adjacent buildings, believe they are or may be sensitive to pesticides or their odors, or if the customer, tenants or other occupants have consulted with a medical doctor or other healthcare provider, regarding such sensitivity, the customer, tenants or other occupants must notify Regal Pest Control, LLC in writing, in advance of treatment of the structure(s). Regal Pest Control, LLC reserves the right, upon receipt of such notification, to deny or terminate service. Failure to provide such notification represents the customer’s assumption of risk and waiver of any claims against Regal Pest Control, LLC in connection with such sensitivity.

Limitation of Liability

Regal Pest Control will not be responsible for the following: 
1) Expenses related to the replacement of linen, upholstery, furniture, mattress, soiling or any other damages or related cost due to the services.
2) Expenses related to medical evaluation or treatment for bites associated with bedbugs.
3) Damages or expenses for any claim of personal injury related to an infestation of bedbugs.
4) Loss of income claimed to be related to any bed bug bites or associated illnesses.