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Rats and Mice

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Rats and Mice are Not as Similar as You Might Think

Rats and mice have several differences in their behavior. Mice are curious by nature and routinely explore new areas when looking for food and nesting sites. Rats however are “neophobic”, meaning they have a hesitancy when it comes to foraging for food and when looking for areas to establish nesting sites. Both rats and mice are able to access very tight spaces. Mice can squeeze through an opening the size of a dime and rats need an opening that’s about the size of a quarter. 

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Where are Rats and Mice Commonly Found?

Rats usually make borrows (about 4" in diameter) near foundations and under slabs. Mice typically nest in insulation in attic spaces or in crawlspaces.

Burrows near foundations and slabs

Attic and crawl spaces

Kitchen areas: Cupboards, drawers and pantries

Regal Pest Control Offers Treatments That Provide Long-Term Protection Against Rats and Mice 

For most rodent issues, we can use baits to control activity. Baits are preferred, as they provide effective, long-term control of rats and mice. Your technician will conduct a thorough inspection on your initial visit to look for entry-points. Common access points are areas around the foundation, dryer vents, A/C and other utility lines that enter the home (especially where foams are used and have degraded) and areas where trees are overhanging on roof areas. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mice need only 1/4″ gap to gain access to your home. Openings the size of a dime or smaller can form around A/C lines coming into the home (especially if the foam has deteriorated), around facia boards behind the gutters, drip edge at the bottom edges of your roof, rotting wood under bay windows and damaged vent covers (dryer, bathroom exhaust fan, gables, ect).
Rat burrows will typically be found near walls or around slab areas. They are usually between 2 to 4 inches in diameter.
Droppings and urine stains are usually clear indications of mice. Mouse droppings look like a grain of rice. Other signs of activity are runways in the insulation (especially noticeable in fiberglass insulation) and evidence of nesting.

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