USED TO CONDITION PEST BIRDS FROM LANDING AND ROOSTING ON THE DESIRED AREA The gel causes the pigeon’s feet to stick to the surface on which it is applied, causing them to emit an alarm cry to the rest of the flock. After a few attempted landings they will no longer use those areas for roosting. The gel is non-toxic, non-odorous, and extremely effective. The residual life of the material is listed as two years, however some of our customers have reported that the product has successfully stopped birds from attempting to re-establish their sites as roosting areas for five years after application. Pigeons are creatures of habit, so once they leave an area, they tend to stick to the new roost rather than attempting to establish old roosts that have been treated with gel. Signs, I-beam ledges and smaller ledges are areas where gel repellents would be utilized. CALL 1-866-453-7221 OR CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A CALLBACK TO SCHEDULE SERVICE OR TO GET A FREE ON-SITE ESTIMATE