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Payment Terms and Conditions

These Payment Terms and Conditions outline the use of this Website to process financial transactions between Regal Pest Control, LLC (“Regal Pest Control”, “our”, “us”, “we”) and the Customer (“you”, “your”). By making a payment using the Website, you are authorizing Regal Pest Control, Square (“Square Capital, LLC”, “Block, Inc.”), GoDaddy (“GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC” or Stripe (“Stripe, LLC”) to charge your credit card or to debit your bank account for the payment amount you enter. If Regal Pest Control, Square, GoDaddy or Stripe are unable to process this transaction or if Regal Pest Control, Square, GoDaddy or Stripe are unable to secure funds for this transaction, for any reason, including but not limited to, the account having insufficient funds or for any inaccurate information provided when the transaction was submitted, Regal Pest Control still reserves the right to pursue collections actions on any amount owed. This includes any fees and other charges as a result, as permitted by law. If your payment is reversed, you understand that you are responsible for making a payment on any outstanding balance due to Regal Pest Control.

For Regal Pest Control service plan customers who make year-in-advance payments, you can request a refund for any future services that have not yet been conducted. The refund amount will be prorated using your standard, non-discounted service rate for the entire prepayment period. If services have been conducted, this amount will include retroactive adjustments.

Last updated on March 22, 2023.