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Powderpost beetle larvae make small holes in wood, typically 1/32 to 1/16″ in diameter. 

Areas Where Powderpost Beetle Damage is Commonly Found

Subterranean termite infestations can occur in a variety of areas on your property. The following are common areas where subterranean termites may be found.






For pest issues that require perimeter applications, we typically use micro-encapsulated products. These types of products have several benefits when controlling insect pests. The micro-capsules extend the life of the product, which provides long-term protection against pests. The micro-capsules stick to the surface they’re applied to, delivering a fast knock-down of the pest and provide more stability with the placement of the product. 

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Environmentally Friendly Solutions

I.P.M. or Integrated Pest Management is a combination of chemical and non-chemical processes which together maximize treatment results for target pests.

By using existing knowledge of pest biology and by identifying existing areas that may contribute to pest activity, such as food or water sources and entry-points, services can be conducted in an environmentally sensitive approach.

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Founded in 2000, we have the experience necessary to deliver premium-quality services, installations and treatments.

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It's been our slogan from the start. We offer services that minimize or eliminate the use of pesticides. By using biological, mechanical and other controls, this approach can often be accomplished.


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